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Rustic Bavarian snack break

Freshly baked pretzel, € 1,50
with butter € 1,90

A pair of Munich veal sausages only untill 12 o´clock € 5,40
served with sweet mustard and an oven-fresh pretzel

Six grilled Nuremberg sausages, € 8,50
on sauerkraut served with roast potatoes

Browned meat loaf,
€ 8,50
a special culinary delight, served with a fried egg and potato salad
Bavarian sausage salad (only summer) € 8,20
with an oven-fresh pretzel
Swiss sausage salad (only summer) € 8,90
with an oven-fresh pretzel

Flat dough cake, € 8,50
with hearty bacon, onions and fresh herbs
Vegetarian flat dough cake € 9,80
with tomato, onions and hearty cheese


  Bavarian-Swabian delicacies