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Bavarian-Swabian delicacies 

Mushrooms in a creamy sauce with bread dumplings, € 7,80
refined with fresh herbs
„Allgäu“ –style spaetzle with cheese with fried onions, € 9,20
served with a fresh salad
Plate of vegetables, € 10,50
various steamed seasonal vegetables, a fried potato square filled with cream cheese and boiled potatoes with cream topping
A whole oven-fresh, crisply grilled knuckle of pork,  € 18,40
served with potato dumplings and a sauce made of dark beer and coleslaw  
Roast pork, € 10,50
with potato dumplings, red cabbage and gravy
„Allgäu“- style pork escalope with cheese, € 13,50
home made buttered spaetzle and cream sauce     
Meat from the knuckles of pork, € 11,70
with fried potatos, onions, and a fried egg
Seven Swabians´platter, € 13,80
chicken breast and a fried pasta square, mixed seasonal vegetables and spaetzle with cheese
Marinated pot roast ( beef) € 14,20
with red cabbage and potato dumpling
„Upper Bavaria“- style pork escalope“ € 12,20
with pretzel-crumb coating, sweet mustard, served with spätzle
1/4 duck oft he Bavarian court with a well-seasoned gravy, € 14,20
red cabbage and potato dumplings
1/2 duck oft he Bavarian court with a well-seasoned gravy, € 19,80
red cabbage and potato dumplings
Filet plate € 16,70
roast filet of pork in a creamy sauce with mushrooms, seasonal vegetables and spätzle 
„Wiener Schnitzel“,  € 17,80
fried pork escalope with French fries and salad
Grilled beef steak with fried onions, € 17,80
with spaetzle with cheese  and gravy
Grilled char filet with lobsterbutter sauce € 17,90
served with vegetables and boiled potatoes
Our special recommendation:
“Royale feast”, For two or more people –
price per person  € 15,80

Knuckles of pork, meat loaf, roast pork, bratwurst, sauerkraut,
bread and potato dumplings, home-made potato salad and savoury onion sauce


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