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Premises for each occasion

The restaurant “Bayerisches Haus am Dom” can be found in a historic place being a part of the architectural memorial “Schoenefelder Hof”. Thanks to its elevated position  in the immediate vicinity of “Obstmarkt” people will catch sight of the building, which was first mentioned in a document in 1270, right from the pedestrian precinct. Whatever you plan to do: you will  enjoy the excellent atmosphere of our restaurant.

The “Wirtsstube” (lounge) on the ground floor with its large, shiny tables made of maple radiates purely comfortable ambience.  Bigger groups can find room there without any problem. Near the entrance there you find an area with raised seats, which is specially attractive if you want to enjoy a glass of beer while having a conversation. Traditionally we serve that beer with aromatic “Radi”.

The historical barrel vaulting in the basement is ideal for private parties. Being separated from the rest of the restaurant and having an appealing character as its seats are grouped together  it offers room for groups and tourists that come by coach  for up to 48 people. The barrel vaulting lends the room  its special atmosphere.

Our beer garden is spoilt by the sun catching even  the earliest rays of sunlight. Its three terraced levels give sight of the whole  market place “Obstmarkt”, up to “Annastraße”. Bavarian beer is waiting for you – fresh and cool from the tap. Our Bavarian delicacies or good and solid snacks will be a real treat for you on a sunny day or a mild summer evening.